SPREC code


Biobanks provide stored material to basic, translational and epidemiological research and this material should be transferred without institute-dependent intrinsic bias.

The ISBER Biospecimen Science Working Group has released a “Standard PREanalytical Code” (SPREC), which is a proposal for a standard coding of the preanalytical options which have been adopted, in order to track and make explicit preanalytic variations in collection, preparation and storage of specimens. Each biospecimen is assigned a seven-element-long code that correspond to seven preanalytical variables and contains a string of letters(different for fluid or for solid tissues) in a defined order, separated by hypens.


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Standard Preanalytical Coding for Biospecimens: Defining the Sample PREanalytical Code

Fotini Betsou1, Sylvain Lehmann2, Garry Ashton3, Michael Barnes4, Erica E. Benson5, Domenico Coppola6, Yvonne DeSouza7, James Eliason8, Barbara Glazer9, Fiorella Guadagni10, Keith Harding5, David J. Horsfall12, Cynthia Kleeberger13, Umberto Nanni11, Anil Prasad14, Kathi Shea15, Amy Skubitz16, Stella Somiari17, Elaine Gunter18 and International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Working Group on Biospecimen Science